FAQ list
 Camera can not detect small animal.

Solution: Please use High PIR sensitivity


2.     It seems that camera has much slower trigger speed.

Solution: when using default setting to test trigger speed or make comparison with other cameras, please use High PIR sensitivity.

3.  Camera can not recognize SIM card.

Solution: Please check there is any PIN lock on SIM card. If so, please delete the lock. When power is low, SIM card can not be detected either.

4.     After inserting SIM card, there is no signal bar.

Solution: Please check battery power is enough or not, when searching signal, camera need higher power. And please check 4G antenna placing.


5.      After menu.cfg setup, and turn camera from OFF to ON mode, there is no picture arrives.

Solution: Please turn camera from OFF to TEST mode first, then camera will read menu.cfg, after camera recognizes SIM card and get 3 or 4 signal bar and operator, then turn to ON mode.


6.     when connecting with power, test mode, red LED blinks, and screen can not be on, please take out batteries, then re-place.

7.       If using MMS function, display said ’’send OK’’ afer pressing right  button, but mobile can not get MMS picture, please check mobile space is enough to get pictures, and check anti-virus software block it or not.

8.       If using Email function, display said ’’send ok’’ after pressing right button, but receipt Email can not got Email, please check spam on web email server.

9.  Turning camera form ON to TEST, display can not be on. When camera is being in sending process, the display will be on after finishing this process. Or user can turn camera from ON to OFF then Test, the sending process will be stopped.


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